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'Medicinal' Bottles

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Hand-etched glassware

'Blasted' was started after a fruitless search for plain, attractive and affordable  bottles in which to store a rag-tag collection of spirits.

'Marine' Bottles  

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Attractive, Affordable and Usable

Attractive enough to be left out in plain sight.

Affordable so that you decide to buy and so that you can add to your collection.

Usable. Not so large that they are too heavy when full, not so small that they require continual refilling.




These are one-off designs, often inspired by the bottle shape.   


grit blasted

The designs on our bottles have been etched  onto the glass by grit blasting. This gives a more even, uniform finish than etching either with acid or by laser.

These designs are permanent and will never wash or wear off.

Our bottles are delivered empty. You just add your favourite tipple.