If you need to dress up the scruffier members of your drinks collection, buy a special one-off bottle to display your favourite tipple, if you need to create a personalised gift or to find that elusive present for the ‘impossible-to-buy-for’ person in your life, then 'Blasted' is here to help you.

'Blasted' grit-blasts your chosen designs onto glassware: bottles, jugs, decanters and glasses.

All of our glassware is hand-etched in Sheffield and made-to-order for you. To ensure the best possible finish, we blast etch using silicon carbide grit to ensure that your chosen design will be smooth, matt and uniform with clear, sharp edges.


Despite hand-etching being a luxury finish, Blasted is committed to offering it to you at an affordable price. We keep the cost down by not using costly crystal glass, or wrapping and posting in expensive branded packaging.

In addition, Blasted strives to be as ethical as possible. We etch using the hardest possible grit so that it can be re-used many times. We also minimise our branded packaging (see image below; yes, it is tissue paper with a just a sticker), use recycled bubble wrap to cushion your glassware and use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified boxes for postage.


Blasted is a very small business. There are just two of us. One is etcher, designer, web manager, photographer and tea lady. The other is personal trainer, all-round optimist and sometimes irritating, small dog. The latter features in the Blasted social media because she is the most photogenic and because she cannot hold the camera. When not working, we can be found in Winter getting muddy exploring the countryside and woodlands in and around Sheffield. In Summer, we look for good swimming spots.

When at home, we test recipes, mostly alcohol based. When we feel that they ready for you, we publish them on our dedicated page. 

Any new recipes will be given links on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. So why not follow us to be kept informed?