Glass Photograpy (Part 1)

This has been one of the hardest parts of setting up 'Blasted'

I am on a limited budget so I have to do all my own photography. I cannot afford expensive lights and equipment. Nor does my budget run to expensive props. I started out armed only with an elderly tripod, a borrowed digital SLR camera (thank you, Rob) and my own SD card.

The problem with glass is the massive amount of reflection. Most advice on lighting glass tells you how to limit these reflections by diffusing light (thank you Youtube)

So I started by building a homemade light box using tracing paper and a cardboard box, similar to this one .

It was lit from the sides with lights pinched from bedside tables (which I forgot to put back, sorry!) 

I then found that a white background completely masks a (white) etch. Obvious really, looking back...

White etch on white425h-min.jpg

 So I tried some affordable polycotton fabric in an attractive teal colour for my backdrop. Not brilliant.

Then a magenta, getting better.

Darker colours  seemed to work better.

Even with a shallow depth of field the fabric was quite noticeable. Maybe a 'posher' fabric was needed?

So I then went rummaging in the off-cut section at a fabric shop. Bingo, navy blue velvet.

This looked classy but got  the fabric was marked by the bottles bases. Argh!

This all took almost a week of my spare time. And more work was needed...

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