Why buy an empty bottle?

Technically the bottles from Blasted are decanters. But you may have issues with this word; I certainly do. It’s all a bit ‘Pass the port’, dusty, cut-crystal and old-fashioned (and not in a good way). Decanters were (and to an extent still are) expensive status symbols.

Your bottle from Blasted will share one thing with traditional decanters: they can be left out on show. Their difference is that they are affordable; I am tired of liking an item for its simple design and then finding that it is ridiculously expensive and out of my price range. 


A Blasted bottle will arrive empty. What will you put in it?


You could use your bottle to ‘re-house’ your preferred spirit. Your everyday gin may not be a bottle you want to see on display. Two budget supermarkets currently have award-winning gins, two of which are only £10 for a 70cl bottle (I have put a link to these spirits awards at the bottom of this page). The bottles for these are no great shakes: green and boxy (see left hand image, below; or if you are on mobile, the first picture). They keep the costs down by shipping in a very cheap bottle.


So why not pour an award-winning yet competitively-priced gin into a more attractive bottle?


Alternatively, if you have been making sloe gin, blackberry whisky or if you wish to infuse your own gin, you will need an attractive bottle to display your skills.


As you can see from these images. I have been happily infusing everything that comes to hand. From left to right: cranberry gin (first image); strawberry vodka, raspberry vodka, blueberry vodka  (second image) and blackberry whisky (third image).

Once you try infusing, it becomes wonderfully addictive. You can easily create some wonderful drinks that are difficult to find in the shops. And you can adjust recipes to suit your own preferences. I have been experimenting in ways to reduce the amount of sugar since I find many commercial infused spirits overly sweet.

If you need some inspiration for recipes, check out our ‘Recipe’ page (these are all tried-and-tested) or the Blasted Pinterest Recipe boards.

Chris Davies