Apothecary bottles with whisky, gin and vodka labels insired by vinatge chemisrty bottles | Blasted, Sheffield

Apothecary bottles with whisky, gin and vodka labels insired by vinatge chemisrty bottles | Blasted, Sheffield


Can I put my bottle in the dishwasher?

The etched design on your Blasted bottle is permanent and will never rub off. Your dishwasher might decide to add some etch marks of its own, so we recommend that you hand wash your bottle in warm, soapy water.

Will my order be dispatched immediately?

Unfortunately not. Blasted is a small business. Our stock consists of unetched bottles. Your chosen design will be etched to-order onto one of these blank bottles. We say allow 7 working days from order to dispatch although in reality, the time taken is far less.

What is your shipping policy?

Please refer to our delivery page. Here is a short cut:


What if my bottle arrives damaged ?

We have investigated and sourced the most secure, resilient and cost-efficient packaging for our glassware. Despite our 100% safe delivery record, we are prepared for any future accidents. We will replace any damaged item upon receipt of the Damaged Item Form found on the Delivery page (please use the link above). You will need to submit this form within 48 hours of your delivery.


Do you do commissions?

Yes, of course. 

If you have seen a commissioned design that you like on the Blasted Instagram feed, we will still have the original artwork and the bottle can be produced with no extra cost (unless you wish to have additional text added). Please use the 'Contact Us' form to arrange the etching of your bottle.

If you wish to add a name and/or a date to an existing bottle's design, there is an additional cost of £10. Please use the Contact Us page to give us these details (there is a link button below).

If you wish to have a total new design (such as a logo), any artwork would have to be supplied as a PNG vector file (JPG files do not give sharp edges and are unsuitable). Please bear in mind that creating a whole new etching stencil will cost a minimum of £25 in addition to the cost of an off-the-shelf design. The stencil cost is a one-off and all further bottles using the same size stencil would not incur this additional cost. 

eg New stencil on one bottle       £25 (stencil) + £25 (etched medicinal bottle) = £50
     New stencil on two bottles     £25 (stencil) + 2 x £25 (etched medicinal bottle) = £75
    These price models do not include postage costs which still apply unless you have a current 'Free Postage' code (sometime made available via our newsletter).

Please use the link below to go to the Contact Us page, if you are interested.


Is there a phone number for Blasted?

Yes. The number is 07969 766298. Please bear in mind that this will only be answered Monday-Friday 9.00-17.00. Please leave a message if it goes through to answering machine: if I am etching glass, I have to wear ear defenders and other personal protective equipment that makes using a phone pretty much impossible.


Any other questions?

Please feel free to email via the Contact Us page