Custom Orders

Commission your own etched design

Most of the work that I do comes from commissions. Somebody like you had an idea and contacted me to ask whether it would be possible.

In all honesty, I love this sort of work. Imaginative ideas from customers are a continual source of inspiration and challenge.

So the answer is almost always “Yes!” unless you want it in two day’s time or if you wish me to etch a large amount of text (this sort of work is more suited to an engraver).

Pentland Front-min.jpg
Get Schwifty-min.jpg
Pentland Rear-min.jpg

Past commissions include etching champagne coupes, beer glasses, gin glasses, decanters and carafes. I have also etched glass supplied by my clients. I do work both for individuals and for businesses.

Some clients talk to me about a vague idea they have, others have asked me to etch a known design (that I have to create from images) and some have supplied their own artwork (I request this as an SVG file).

If you do wish to arrange a commission, please email to allow me to give you a quote.

Christ College Crest-min.jpg
Custom Penguin Book Bottle-min.jpg
Moomin Beer Glass-min.jpg

Cost of a commission

To give you an idea of my pricing (based on a basic bottle costing £25)

  • If you wished to have a personalised label (as shown below), an etched bottle would be £40

SARAHS GIN test-min.png
  • Adding a message to an existing design (I add messages to the rear of your bottle, as you can see in the next image): the complete bottle would be £40 (for up to 15 letters) or £45 (for up to 30 letters)


  • To create an entirely new artwork image from scratch: £25 per hour (it is rare for me to charge any more than this) plus an additional £10 for the cost of sending your artwork to be printed.


 How to pay for your commission

If you decide to continue, I will need you to pay for your order in advance ideally by bank transfer. Generally, allow 10 working days for completion of the work although in reality, it takes less time.

Brook Barn Gin Glass-min.jpg
Maths Heart-min.jpg
Brook Barn Decanter-min.jpg

 If you wish to supply your own glass, I generally will need you to allow for an additional 10% of your chosen glassware. Etching is a harsh process and sometimes the stencils I use for your design will fail during blasting. For this reason, your glass must be smooth and unscratched (generally new) to allow my stencils to stick to its surface.


Although I etch stemmed glasses, I prefer to do these only for customers who will collect in person. These glasses break very easily during postage, no matter how carefully they are packed. If you really wish me to etch any stemmed glass to be posted, I will have to charge more to allow for this possibility.

And lastly, many apologies, but I will not etch any valuable (either sentimental or by value) single pieces of glass. I am sorry but I care too much to risk your glassware.