Pharmacy Rum

Pharmacy Rum


Classic, plain and functional with a simple label. Dress your rum to look like a vintage pharmacy bottle.

The lip around the top of these bottles make them easy to grip. Which could be useful, if it has been a long day.

General information:
Volume 700 ml (a standard bottle of wine is 750 ml)
Height: (without stopper)  17.5 cm
             (with stopper)        20 cm
Diameter:  9.5 cm
Stopper: unfinished wood cap with synthetic polyethylene bung
Rum label 3.5 cm high by 7.5 cm wide

All labels for the ‘Medicinal’ Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, Rum and Cognac use the same font, size of font and are etched at the same height for uniformity across the whole set of bottles.

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