Pomegranate Gin Bottle

Pomegranate Gin Bottle


A design created to celebrate the return of Season 4 of My Dad Wrote a Porno.

This is a better quality of bottle than could be expected to emerge from the squalid cellar of Ken Dewsbury, but which is perfect for true ‘Belinkers’ who prefer gin to iced Chilean chardonnay.

This bottle is reassuringly sturdy and so should survive a #pornoday drinking game.

General Information:
Volume 500 ml
Height (without stopper) 18 cm
            (with stopper)  20 cm
Diameter 8.5 cm
Stopper: unfinished wood with synthetic polyethylene bung.

Please remember, you are buying an empty bottle. You get to fill it with your own gin. The one shown is filled with the Pomegranate Gin from the Blasted Recipe page. Give it a go, it only takes three days to infuse!

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